Boxing Day 2019 Mystery Discount

Congratulations, you've found our Mystery Discount page for Boxing Day 2019! When you visit this page on Boxing Day (December 26th, 2019) a popup will appear on your screen prompting you to enter your email address. Do not close out of the popup, it will not reappear! After you enter your email address you will receive a code for up to $100 off your order! Just follow the steps below.

1. Click "Get My Discount"

Wait for the popup to appear on this page (takes about 7 seconds). Click the "Get My Discount" button. This popup will only appear on Boxing Day. If the popup does not appear try disabling your ad-blocker and refreshing the page.

Get My Custom Boxing Day Discount

2. Enter Your Email Address

Type your email address into the popup window and click the "Submit Email for Mystery Discount" button.

Enter Your Email Address to Get Your Discount Code

View Your Discount

Once you enter your email address you will randomly be assigned a discount of $50, $60, or $100 off your custom merch order. Your code is only valid on Boxing Day for orders over $500.

View Your Discount Code

4. Apply Your Discount Code at Checkout

When you're done shopping for your custom merch complete the checkout process and enter your discount code at checkout!

Enter Your Checkout Code