Custom Pantone® Matching System Colour Chart

The Pantone colour matching system (PMS) is a standardized colour reproduction system used by artists and designers to ensure colour accuracy and consistency.

Using the Pantone colour matching chart to match your custom design with your corporate logo guarantees a degree of certainty beyond simply comparing colours on your computer monitor.

PMS Colour Chart Thread Matching

Use our embroidery thread colour matching chart below to determine the perfect Pantone colour match for your corporate logo or custom design.

Most Popular Thread Colours

Get started with one of our most popular Pantone thread colour selections available for custom embroidery and put your corporate logo on all your favourite brands!

Most Popular Pantone Thread Colours for Custom Embroidery

Fluorescent & High Visibility

Work safety is paramount and being visible can make all the difference. These reflective and fluorescent Pantone colour options are perfect for custom embroidered hi vis clothing.

Fluorescent Pantone Thread Colour Options for Custom Embroidery on High Visibility Clothing

Flame Resistant Thread Colours

Choose from these flame resistant thread options to add your corporate logo to FR apparel from the top brands in flame retardant clothing.

Flame Resistant Pantone Thread Colour Options for Custom Embroidery on FR Clothing

Other Always Stocked Thread Colours

We have dozens of embroidery thread colour options in stock year-round. Not seeing the perfect Pantone colour match for your logo? No worries – additional Pantone colours are available for a fee upon request. There is a thread or ink match for nearly every colour under the sun, but in some cases, a "closest available" match may need to be made.

Other Pantone Thread Options for Custom Corporate Logo Embroidery

This chart is intended as a reference guide only. Although the colours above have been matched as closely as possible, please use official Pantone Colour Publications for most accurate colour. If you want to learn more, check out our complete embroidery capabilities and read our comprehensive guide to to commercial embroidery.