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Order Overview

What happens once I place my order?

Once you place your order, you’ll immediately receive an e-mail confirmation with your order number. You’ll receive an email from your dedicated "Merchologist" who will be taking care of your order the whole way through. Your Merchologist will fully review your order, confirm dates, review your artwork, and give you an overview of what happens next.

Once all of the details are worked out, we will begin the process of getting your logo digitized, and the next thing you'll receive is an image of your sewn-out logo for an embroidered order, or a digital proof of your logo for printed goods. From there, you’ll have the opportunity to approve it, or make suggestions for changes and improvements. Once you’ve approved the artwork, your order moves into production. Nothing goes into production without your approval!

Because the digitizing and decoration charges (up to 10,000 stitches for embroidery and up to 2 colours for screenprinting/heat transfer) are FREE on all orders, your price will always be the same as what was shown in the order confirmation you received at the start of the process unless something has changed or needs to be edited (quantity, logo size, or expedited shipping) – and then only if you’ve approved those changes in advance.

General Ordering Information

Will I see a proof before my order goes into production?

Yes! Unless it is an exact reorder, you always see a proof of your logo before we proceed with decoration.

What is the "Small Run Fee" and how do I get rid of it?

Almost every product on our site has a pricing table shown on the "Pricing" tab on the left side of the page. If you do not hit a minimum quantity on any of the products in your cart, a "Small Run Fee" of $60.00 for embroidery/$149.00 for screenprinting will be added on the cart page. This fee is to cover the costs of running an order of this size.

But have no fear: there are several ways to get rid of it!

  • Companion styles and related products can be used to get to the minimum. e.g. If a minimum for a product is 12 pieces, 6 Men's + 6 Women's will get you there; same with 6 Blue + 6 Black.
  • Get to the minimum for any wearable or bag and the fee is removed.
  • Or, save up your quantities and buy everything at once or alternatively, purchase a few more than you might need!

Can I cancel or change my order?

You can cancel at any time prior to the order going into production. Once items have been decorated with your logo, we can no longer accept a cancellation. If you need to change your order for any reason, please contact your Merchologist as soon as possible and they’ll be happy to assist you.

What is your GST/HST Number?

Our Business Number for GST & HST is 72216 5495 RT0001.

Artwork (Embroidery)

How large of a logo will you embroider for free?

We will embroider one logo up to 10,000 stitches for free. Nearly all of the corporate logos used on a chest, sleeve, cuff, or hat are under this stitchcount.

How do I know how many stitches my logo is?

You can view some sample stitchouts here, showing various logos & their stitchcounts. Additionally, we'd be happy to review your logo ahead of time and give you an estimate on stitchcount and any potential extra charges (if applicable).

What if I need a larger logo than 10,000 stitches? Or two logos?

We would be more than happy to give you a quote on requests such as this. Otherwise, once we receive your order, we will get in touch with you if any further charges apply.

What kind of artwork can I upload?

If you have them, we prefer high-resolution JPEG, PDF, EPS, or AI images. However, we will take whatever you've got--we've seen pretty much everything! Or, if you have a DST embroidery file, upload it with your thread colours, and we can skip right to the "sewing out a proof" step! (NOTE: You only need to upload your image file once per order--i.e. it doesn't need to be uploaded with each style and/or colour you are purchasing.)

Do you keep my art on file?

Yes. We keep your artwork on file to make reordering and using your logo on future products as easy as possible.

Where do I upload my artwork?

We want to make placing an order as simple as possible, so we offer multiple options for logo upload. You can either upload it on the product page, select "Add Logo Later" and your Merchologist will get it from you your order is placed, or email it to canada.sales@merchology.com with a reference to your order number.

Can I specify a PMS colour for my imprint?

Yes. Keep in mind that in some cases, exact PMS matching isn’t possible, but we'll get as close as we possibly can with our thread colours. Your Merchologist will help with this as much as you'd like, too! You can always include a message about PMS colours in the "Comments" section of the ordering process, or just let your representative know (you’ll get an e-mail from them shortly after you place your order).

Can I order apparel without embroidery?

All apparel from retail brands requires embellishment--the one exception is sample orders of 1-2 pieces. Certain "non-retail" brands can be ordered blank, such as Sport-Tek, Elevate, Next Level, Port Authority, etc. Please inquire if you'd like to know more.

Artwork (Other)

What other decoration options do you have available?

View our Decoration Dictionary here to learn more, but if a product has a decoration type other than embroidery, it will be listed on the product page in multiple places.

Does Merchology offer screen printing?

Absolutely! We've pre-selected many products to default to printing vs. embroidery, but if you're not seeing an option you want, just let us know.

Shipping & Delivery

How long will it take to get my order?

All items on our site include a calendar with an estimated processing time on the product page specific to that product, so that will be the most accurate place to look. We offer all manners of UPS shipping methods, but our free UPS Standard shipping can get to almost all of Canada within 5 business days. In addition, rush processing is available--please contact us for more details.

Here's what happens once you place your order:

  • Step 1: Your corporate logo is digitized and the embroidery tape or logo proof is created.
  • Step 2: For embroidered goods, the logo is stitched out onto a piece of fabric for your approval. For all other goods, a digital proof is created.
  • Step 3: After a stitch out and/or proof is approved, the goods are decorated.
  • Step 4: The order is finished, packed up, and shipped out!

Will I need to pay duties/tariffs on my order?

No. You'll see 100% of your order total at checkout, and you will owe nothing further in terms of duties, taxes, or import fees after your order has been placed.

What is your GST/HST Number?

Our Business Number for GST & HST is 72216 5495 RT0001.

Do you offer rush processing?

Yes, we offer rush processing on most products in our site. Please contact us.

How long will it take to get my order? (blank samples)

Blank (un-embroidered) sample goods ship between 1-5 business days, plus transit time to your location.

Do you offer expedited shipping?

Yes, you can select UPS Express or UPS Worldwide Expedited with costs based upon the weight of your goods. (Expedited orders for suitcases and golf bags may incur further shipping charges, however.)

Can I ship on my own account?

Yes. Just let your Merchologist know (you’ll get an e-mail from them shortly after you place your order) and they’ll be happy to help.


How do I order samples?

If you are in need of a sample before the purchase of your group order, please select "Sample" as your decoration option on the product page. Un-decorated samples can be returned for a refund & no additional charges if the style is not chosen by your company or group. All sample orders exceeding $250 will incur a 15% restocking fee. The customer is responsible for the shipping costs on all sample order returns.


What type of payments do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, Paypal, and pre-approved Net 30 terms.

When do you charge my credit card?

We authorize your card once you place the order on our website, but we do not collect the funds until we verify your product is in stock.

Do you offer Net 30 terms?

Yes. There is a $500 minimum on all opening Net 30 terms orders. Please contact us before you place your order if you'd like to get set up on Net 30 terms.


What if I’m unhappy with my order?

If you’re unhappy with your order because the product is defective or the imprint quality isn’t what you expected, contact your Merchologist and we’ll rerun your order or refund your money. Your experience with Merchology means everything to us and we will do our best to work with you on any issue. On all other types of returns, you will be issued a refund minus the original shipping charge (if applicable). In these instances, the customer is responsible for shipping the goods back to Merchology. We must be notified of all returns within 30 days.

Can I return embroidered apparel?

The only returns we can accept are for defective apparel or defective decoration. However, we will try and help you out as much as we possibly can, within reason.

Cancelled Orders

What if I need to cancel my order?

If an order is cancelled due to extenuating circumstances before it is decorated & shipped, you will be refunded in full provided your logo has not been digitized & stitched out or issued a proof for approval.

Trademarks & Logos

If we use artwork you have supplied to imprint your product, you are warranting that you have unrestricted right and authority to use and distribute that artwork.

Certain retail brands have logo use guidelines that Merchology follows; we reserve the right to cancel orders with logos that do not conform to those guidelines.

Our Site

The artwork, designs and trademarks shown on products on this site are examples of the products and imprinting services we offer. They do not represent endorsement by the owners of the artwork, designs or trademarks.

All prices and product information are subject to change without notice.

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